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The Vision Project is a Europe-wide series of seminars organized annually by ESTIEM. Each year a new topic is chosen in order to study current trends and substantial phenomena that appear to have a great effect in the European economy, business and industry. This topic is chosen by the new Project Leader after he has been elected. Vision Seminar series explores innovative approaches and useful tools to understand the emerging issues. It also encourages communication between students and business world.

Individual seminars are organized by different Local Groups throughout the Europe, and each of them has a unique approach to the general theme. These subtopics are usually chosen after the organizing Local Group’s special knowledge about a certain issue related to the main topic.

In addition to the seminars, the project can have a final conference, a publication, and a study tour. However, it is up to the project to evaluate new ideas to incorporate further events into the project. 


The Tournament In Management and Engineering Skills (TIMES) is the largest pan-European case study competition for Industrial Engineering and Management students. This prestigious, highly acclaimed event has successfully been organised since 1994 and attracts over 250 top teams each year.


Two qualification rounds are required to be selected for the TIMES Final, which takes place in an annually changing venue in Europe. Before reaching this final stage, all the participants take part in a Local Qualification at their home university. The winning team is then allowed to participate in one of the eight Semi Finals, which are organised throughout Europe. The final week eventually brings together the winning teams from each Semi Final to determine Europe’s “IEM Students of the Year”.



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The ESTIEM Summer Academy was set up to bring international students together during summer holidays to engage in open discussion, group work, debate and private study under a senior Academic Leader. By talking, studying and mixing with students from all over the world all participants gain new ideas and perspectives, not just on their profession but also on other cultures.

Through the Summer Academy project, ESTIEM recognises the importance of and takes responsibility for providing knowledge of ethics and sound leadership among future leaders of Europe.

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Europe3D events offer the participants the chance to experience European countries in 3 different dimensions: politics, economy and culture. Europe3D is a seminar series where the participants get a deep insight about the hosting country in three unique dimensions: politics, economy and culture. An environment with a blend of different cultures helps the participants to get a better understanding of basic local parameters existing in the European states. Lectures given by experts from politics, science and economy; combined with trainings about intercultural awareness, provide participants a theoretical insight. With a high level of interactive participation, it is a unique opportunity to start changing your world. Europe3D is open for all students from any field of study in any university all over the world.

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Businessbooster is an ESTIEM Project that promotes and stimulates entrepreneurship among students. It is achieved by organizing different training, educational and networking events and competitions. The goal of businessbooster is to help young ESTIEM entrepreneurs to start-up better, faster and with more confidence.

Step 1: Develop an interest in entrepreneurship

Through geht2gether and businessbooster joint events, businessbooster aums to promote entrpreneurship among students and develop a first interest in it.

Step 2: Developing the idea

By attending our Summer Entrepreneurship Training, participants learn how to develop a business idea from scratch. Furthermore they get to know persons with the same interest in entrepreneurship and learn how to work in intercultural trams while acquiring the specific knowledge they need to create a good businessplan that attracts investors.

Step 3: The final businessplan

When the idea and team are there, businessbooster helps young entrepreneur, the participats develop a final businessplan. This final businessplan is of such quality that it can be presented to investors. Only the best business ideas are presentet to investors.


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